Aleva Villa: A Romantic Villa with 4-star facilities and services

Aleva Villa

Monday, June 20th , 2022 – Approximately 40 minutes from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Aleva Villa is located in Seminyak. The location of this villa is strategic because it is close to several well-known tourism destinations such as Gusto Gelato, then 12 minutes to the famous Beach Club in the Seminyak area, namely Potato Head Beach Club, and a shopping center that has a high aesthetic design. Some of the famous hangout spots are La Plancha which is only 9 minutes from Aleva Villa, which is well-known for its bean bag chairs and colorful umbrellas completed with beautiful sunset views. "Included in one of the Luxury Villas in Ini Vie Hospitality Family, Aleva Villa is a romantic villa that is very suitable for couples who are on their honeymoon and want to spend their time with an unforgettable romantic experience," said Gratika - Marketing & Branding Manager of Ini Vie Hospitality. Aleva Villa has one type of villa, namely One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathub. Equipped with high-end facilities with 4-star standards. It is said to be suitable for honeymoon because the interior is deliberately designed to build intimacy and romance for guests during their stay at Aleva Villa. “Not only 4-star facilities, but also high-standard services are also owned by Aleva Villa. The friendly staffs are also ready to help prepare everything that the guests need from Aleva Villa,” explained Mita – Marketing Communication Ini Vie Hospitality. With very adequate facilities and excellent service, no wonder Aleva Villa is the Traveler's Choice in 2021 according to Tripadvisor. For couples who want to celebrate their honeymoon on the Island of Gods and need more information, you can directly contact Whatsapp Central Sales, with the contact details listed on the link in the bio @alevavilla. Happy Staycation!