BALI COCKTAIL FESTIVAL: Cheers to Connoisseurs

Bali Cocktail Festival is an exciting new event held on 14-16 June at Atlas Beach Club, a prominent lifestyle and entertainment brand in Indonesia. This marks the first time Bali Cocktail Festival comes to life, gathering multiple local and international mixologists. The event serves as a melting pot for the cocktail industry in Indonesia, providing a platform for bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs.

A Celebration of Mixology and Culture

The biggest cocktail festival in Bali aims to showcase Indonesia’s rich cocktail culture. Sponsored by prominent brands in the industry – including Código 1530, Nusa Caña, Delifru, Vibe – the festival features a variety of activities such as bar takeovers, interactive cocktail tasting experience, and finally World Flair Competition held at Atlas Super Club. Bali Cocktail Festival becomes a tribute to the cocktail industry. Bali Cocktail Festival not only emphasizes the enjoyment of fine drinks but also the exceptional craftsmanship and artistry of these concoctions.

Road to Bali Cocktail Festival

The excitement began on 13 June, featuring bar takeovers at some of Bali’s popular venues, such as The Shady Pig, The Mailroom, 40 Thieves, and Segno. These takeovers showed cocktail enthusiasts a glimpse of what was to come at the main event. Each of these bars brings its unique flavor to the event, from The Shady Pig’s speakeasy vibes to 40 Thieves distinctive experience.

World Flair Competition

Day 3 of Bali Cocktail Festival, 16 June 2024, also marked the World Flair Championship, drawing in top flair bartenders around the globe to compete in an electrifying showcase of skill and creativity. The competition was held at Atlas Super Club with esteemed judges evaluating, such as Takahisa Koda from Japan, York Cheng from Taiwan, and many more.

Atlas Beach Club proved to be an exceptional venue for the Bali Cocktail Festival, offering an unparalleled backdrop to such a vibrant atmosphere. The success of Bali Cocktail Festival is proof of the island’s thriving cocktail scene and passion for its local talent and brands with over 5000 attendees. The three day event brought together cocktail connoisseurs, local and international brands and skilled bartenders. The festival reinforced Bali’s reputation as a premier culinary and travel destination. Bali Cocktail Festival is hoped to be an annual Atlas’ event and will be back in 2025.