Combining Three Concept Into One, Shichirin is Ready to Savor Your Appetite with Traditional Japanese Cuisine, Are You Ready to Try?


Friday, 26 November 2022 – The newest restaurant in Ubud, Shichirin, has caught the eye of foodies in Ubud. Shichirin has gained popularity among visitors of Ubud in less than a month since it first opened. Konro grill, Teppanyaki, and Gyukatsu are three concepts ready to tantalize the food cravings of Japanese food lovers. Relishing Japanese food while surrounded by the lush greenery of Ubud will also be exciting.  Are you sure you don’t want to give it a shot?

Shichirin came up with the idea of combining the taste, style, and serenity of Ubud into a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience because Shichirin didn’t want to be just a place to eat without offering something more. Moreover, the tranquility of Ubud has been recognized globally, with the city that is named one of the Top 3 Cities in the World by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

Presenting the idea of Ryouri in Ubud, Shichirin gathered more than 50 Japanese culinary lovers, including media, KOL, and influencers, on Friday, November 25, 2022, to taste the deliciousness of Shichirin’s signature menu.  Furthermore, the guests also enjoy the fresh cocktails, such as Sake Rita and Buble Gum Club, as well as mocktails, like Lychee Sour and Fruity Lemonade.

Shichirin’s three top-notch chefs, Chef Agus, Chef Tomy, and Chef Tia, present an entertaining and breathtaking cooking performance for the guests. The chefs perform incredible demonstrations with knives, fire, and an odd bit of conversation with the guests. This cooking performance includes at least three signature menus. The guest who attended seemed amazed by the chefs’ stunning performance and were excited to taste the results of the chefs’ cooking.

Following the cooking demonstration, the guests were given the opportunity to try the dishes that had been prepared. Visitors were drawn in by the Gyukatsu full set with delicate meat. Enoki maki, which combines Enoki Mushroom, Sliced Pork, Spring Onion, Teriyaki, and Yakiniku, also stunned the guests. Aside from that, the Salmon Teriyaki spoiled the tongues of the guests. The guests were also seen enjoying the thinly sliced beef that was served. The night ended with a tempting dessert, specifically sweet dessert and wine, which is obviously a perfect nighttime companion in Ubud.

Shichirin not only introduced its signature menu, but also entertained guests with a DJ performance, water drum, and fire attraction. Not to mention the icon of Balinese dancer, Echa Laksmi, who performs a Japanese dance with her husband and children, which of course draws attention and makes people laugh.

Shichirin, located at Jl. Bisma No.888x, Ubud, Gianyar, Shichirin is now ready to challenge Japanese culinary enthusiasts with the Shichirin’s signature menu, which will quench your appetites and hunger. So, are you sure you want to give it a shot?

Shichirin is ready to serve and pamper your tongue if you want to try the experience of savoring Japanese food accompanied by green natural scenery in Ubud. However, you must make a reservation first! Visit the link in the Instagram bio @shichirinubud for more information. #ThinkBaliThinkIniVie