Having the ‘Instagramable Villa’ Concept with Complete Facilities and Best Service, Astera Seminyak is the Traveler’s Choice Award 2021 Based on Tripadvisor

Astera Villa Seminyak

Friday, July 22, 2022 – Twenty years ago, Seminyak was a secluded area separated by rice fields from the Legian and Kuta areas. Then, there was rapid infrastructure development so Seminyak became one of the most-sought after tourist destinations. Especially night entertainment and culinary tours. Along Seminyak, tourists will easily find art shops and restaurants with their own professional chefs. Starting from local to foreign food menus. The beaches in Seminyak are not too crowded, unlike the beaches in Legian and Kuta. However, when night comes, the tourists begin to approach the beach along with the lights of the beach bars However, when compared to Kuta and Legian, Seminyak is a quieter area. Seminyak is also said to be a resort area with a beach view. One of them is Astera Seminyak which is part of the Ini Vie Hospitality family. Astera Seminyak is located precisely at Jalan Sri Rejeki No 88X Seminyak. This villa has an 'Instagramable Villa' concept with very friendly service. By carrying out this concept, Astera Villa creates an unforgettable staycation experience. By its tagline 'A Honeymoon Exquisite Villa', each villa unit from Astera is equipped with a spacious and comfortable bed, smart LED TV, Alexa, and a minibar. "With a mature concept in accordance with the interior and complete facilities, it is not surprising that Astera Seminyak is the Traveler's Choice Award 2021 based on Tripadvisor", said Gratika - Marketing & Branding Manager of Ini Vie Hospitality. Especially for couples who are on their honeymoon, Astera Seminyak offers Honeymoon Package and Celebration Package with flower decoration on request. The staff will help provide the best for guests' needs. For more information and to make a reservation, you can directly contact Whatsapp Central Sales, with the contact details listed on the link in the bio @asteraseminyak. Happy Staycation!