Inspired by Christopher Columbus, TT Beach Club Presents One of Their Bests Signature Cocktails named Yellow Blast

TT Beach Club

Saturday, July 14th, 2022 – The secret behind a good cocktail recipe is the basic ingredients and
the proportions between them. With a good source of syrup and freshly squeezed lemons, you
are prepared for almost any cocktail. Some sips will keep you cool as you watch the sunset or
enjoy the evening from your daybed under a thatched roof.
One of the best cocktails ever is one of the bests signature cocktails in TT Beach Club. Made by
one of the senior bartenders, this cocktail is named Yellow Blast. The ingredient is white rum,
lemon juice, passion fruit puree, passion fruit syrup, angostura bitter, foamee, and pirates citrus
for the garnish. Imagine the perfection that is built between them.
This signature cocktail is inspired by Christopher Columbus who cross the world to find out new
islands. The garnish of this cocktail is like a ship inside of the light rum, passion fruit to make the
yellow sea and the ship on the top as a signature garnish from TT Beach Club.
Mark your calendar, pack up your best summer clothes, and enjoy one of the best signature
cocktails in TT Beach Club along with the strains of music.