No Need To Fly To Bangkok To Enjoy Authentic Thai Food Culinary Sensation, Now Available in No. 1 City of the Best City in Asia, Sans Thai Ready to Indulge Your Tongue

Sans Thai Cuisine

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 – Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, which is part of Southeast Asia, is usually a favorite destination for tourists because of its stunning scenery and affordable shopping center. In addition, Thailand is a heaven for foodies, because it is famous for its distinctive taste that tends to be sour and spicy. Now the culinary lovers of the archipelago and abroad, who are in Bali, especially Ubud, no longer need to dig into their pockets too deep to feel the pleasure of eating Thai specialties because Thailand Cuisine Restaurant has been present in Ubud. Ubud itself is an area that can be said to be very classic but still contemporary. This combination is what makes Ubud unique. There are various painting museums and historical heritage buildings. There are also several holy places that are mandatory destinations for tourists. Behind the existing classic places, there are many culinary tours and ‘instagramable’ and contemporary ‘coffee’ places. Due to the combination of history, luxury hotels, and delicious food in this 1 place, Ubud is the Number 1 Best of 15 Best Cities in Asia according to Travel + Leisure readers. Not to forget, the natural beauty of Ubud which is beautiful and still beautiful is also a winner. Ubud and Bangkok both have their own uniqueness but with their own characteristics and character. Ini Vie Hospitality, as one of the best Hospitality Management in Bali, sees an opportunity to create a new experience on vacation in Bali, by combining the typical scenery of Ubud with Thai food. Sans Thai is the answer. “Sans Thai provides something new, different, and still very rare in Ubud, Sans Thai offers Authentic Thai Food using fresh ingredients.” – said Gratika, Marketing – Branding Manager of Ini Vie Hospitality. Located in Banjar Pinjul, Kenderan No. 8, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Sans Thai provides a dining experience with views of Ubud’s green rice fields. If the eyes are spoiled with beautiful views, then the tongue is spoiled with Thai food with its characteristic spicy sour. Some Chef recommendations by Chef Agus Umbarayana as an Executive Chef at Sans Thai that must be tried are Pad Thai, Garoupa Steamed Fish, and Chicken Green Curry. Incomplete if it is not closed with dessert, namely Bua Loi with Banana Caramelized. For more information and reservations, check Instagram @sansthaibali. Happy Dining!