Stay in a Family Villa in a Great Location Near Many Canggu Tourist Destinations

Nara Villa

Friday, November 25, 2022 - Canggu is part of the North Kuta. This area is well-known for its rice fields and beaches. Canggu was initially used as a surfing destination for foreign tourists. However, as it has grown, Canggu has many attractive locations, such as cafes and villas. Nara Villa is a suitable villa for your stay if you want to plan a vacation with your family in Canggu. Nara's modern villa-style design makes it ideal for a family vacation. They have four/five bedroom villas with a living room, dining room, kitchen, and private pool. You can hold a special event with friends and family in the garden and swimming pool they provide. Nara Villa has a special offer for those who desire to bring their family. There are several packages available, including the Family Getaway Package for family vacations, the Family Celebration Package for those who want to celebrate a special moment with their family, and the Family Relaxing Package for relaxation with family. In addition to family vacations, Nara Villa can be used by individuals who want to vacation with their lover. You can surprise your loved ones with Romantic Surprises like Flower Bathtub, Floating Candle in The Pool, Floating Balloon in The Pool, Flower Petal (I Love U), Balloon Decoration on Bathtub, Romantic Candle on The Bed, Flower Bouquet, Fresh Fruit Decor on the Bathtub, Full Romantic on The Bed, Special Wording on The Bed, Wording with Helium Balloon, Balloon Decor on The Floor, and others. This villa opened in May 2022. It is in a great location, close to cafes and restaurants, and only 5 minutes from Pererenan Beach. So, you will not be bored when visiting this area. If you want to take your family on vacation to Canggu and stay at Nara Villa, you can do this by clicking the link on bio Instagram @naracanggu. Happy Staycation! #ThinkBaliThinkIniVie