The Most Wanted Omakase and Teppanyaki Restaurant in Ubud


Saturday, June 18, 2022 – Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means ‘I will give it up to you’. The
phrase is appropriate for Kojin because, at Kojin, guests give the chef the freedom to choose
dishes completed with ingredients and serve the best food. Not only that, the Chef will directly
tell the philosophy or history behind the menu that he serves. The experience becomes even
more exciting because the Chef creates the dishes directly in front of the guests and allows guests
to chat with the chef. Kojin deliberately presents an “Intimate Dining Experience” that is hard to
For guests who want to know how to cook with the Teppanyaki method, Kojin offers another
experience, namely the Teppanyaki Cooking Class. “Many guests are interested in the philosophy
of the dish that the Chef serves here. More than that, the guests finally wanted to learn how to
cook with the Teppanyaki method. Therefore, Kojin provides Teppanyaki Cooking Class. The chef
will provide theoretical and practical knowledge, of course, in fun ways,” explained Mitha Marlina
– Marketing Communication of Ini Vie Hospitality.
No wonder, all the exciting dishes and experiences that Kojin presents make Kojin the most
sought-after Restaurant in Ubud. For further information, you can visit the website or call +6282213022899